How to get residency by buying a property in Dubai

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Dubai has firmly established itself as a place where businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs want to go. People from all over the world think Dubai is a great place to live because it has jobs and work opportunities, good law enforcement, and a modern infrastructure. Because of this, a lot of investors and businesses want to move to Dubai. The government has set up a number of ways for people who want to live in the UAE and get residency to do so by investing money and buying a property. The UAE property investor visa is a well-known way to do this.

Everything you need to know about Dubai property investor visa

Foreign investment is encouraged in Dubai and the other emirates through a one-of-a-kind visa scheme that is driven by investments made in the country. This program enables individuals to lawfully remain in the country while maintaining a lucrative lifestyle. Investors may provide a comfortable life for their families and observe the success of their company if they use this approach.

The list of UAE residency programs requiring investment covers things like partnering up in enterprises, having exceptional talent in a specific sector, or purchasing properties worth a certain amount of money.

There is a variety of choice available in investor visas for the United Arab Emirates real estate market. Take, as an illustration, the Taskeen Programme for real estate transactions in Dubai. In a similar vein, the Thrive in Abu Dhabi program is available to you if you are thinking about purchasing real estate in the nation’s capital.

Many people are interested in the possibility of obtaining a UAE Golden Visa through the purchase of property. Some investors are interested in the concept of obtaining a “Retirement Visa,” which also requires investing in real estate.

Dubai property investment

Are you interested in purchasing real estate in Dubai? The Taskeen program provides participants with a number of exciting options.

Taskeen programme

To qualify for a three-year resident visa that is renewable, participants in the Taskeen Program are required to purchase a property with a minimum value of 750,000 AED. The primary candidate is eligible to sponsor not only themselves but also their spouse and children.

In order to submit an application for this UAE property investor visa, you will need a recent photo of yourself, an electronic copy of the Title Deed certificate, and your passport.

In the case of mortgaged properties, a payment to the bank of at least 750,000 AED or fifty percent of the property’s worth is required. This visa is not available to anyone who has not first purchased a residential property in one of Dubai’s authorized freehold districts. Please take note that this program does not apply to properties that are already under construction or properties that are used for commercial purposes.

In order to move forward with the application, you will need to submit both the mortgage statement and a letter of NOC written in Arabic. It is possible for a married couple to jointly own a home that is valued more than 750,000 AED (an attested marriage certificate is needed in this case). If the application is being submitted on someone else’s behalf, a power of attorney is required.

The transaction will cost you AED 14,967. (subject to change). The Dubai REST app is where users may submit their applications.

Visas for Dubai property buyers

Visas for investors in dubai available for terms of 3, 5, and 10 years

Long-term visas for the United Arab Emirates, including 10-year and 5-year visas specifically for Dubai investors, have been made available by the government. They have also recently changed the requirements for obtaining an investment visa valid for a period of three years in Dubai.

10-year visa eligibility

To qualify for the 10-year investment visa, you are required to fulfill a number of conditions, one of which is making public investments totaling at least 10 million AED. Those who are interested can make investments in the following areas:

  • Investment funds based in the UAE.
  • Create a corporation in the United Arab Emirates with a starting capital of 10 million AED.
  • Participate as a partner in a brand-new or pre-existing business that has a share value of at least 10 million UAE Dirhams.

When discussing the terms of the investment, it is imperative that you keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • It is required that sixty percent of the entire investment be made in areas other than real estate.
  • The money that is invested has to be a loan.
  • a degree of financial security for up to 10 million AED.

5-year visa eligibility

You need to fulfill all of the following requirements in order to obtain a 5-year investor visa in Dubai:

  • An investor is required to purchase a piece of real estate with a minimum worth of 5 million AED.
  • It is not recommended to take out a loan for this amount.
  • A term of at least three years during which the property will be retained.
  • The investor is required to put their money into a freehold property.

3-year visa eligibility

In order to obtain an investment visa valid for three years in Dubai, you are required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The investor needs to own a property that is worth a minimum of 750 thousand Emirati dirhams.
  • If there is a mortgage on the property, then the bank requires an initial payment equal to fifty percent of the property’s entire worth.
  • The investor is required to provide a letter of non-objection from the bank that is written in Arabic.
  • The property can be owned jointly by both partners, but the investor will be required to present a copy of their marriage certificate.
  • The property can’t be used for business purposes; it must be residential.
  • The investor may also submit their application through a property that is jointly held, provided that their portion of the equity is worth 750 thousand AED or more.

How to apply for Dubai investor visas

These are the processes that need to be followed by anyone who wants to apply for a Dubai Investor Visa.

Make an application for a permit to enter the country at the immigration department, a typing center, or a Tasheel center.

Go to any public health center in order to get a physical examination for your medical fitness. You are going to be asked to name a health center that you wish to visit when you are filling out the form for the admission permit.

An application for an Emirates ID was typed up at an Amer Centre. Submit your application at a center operated by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, and make sure to have your original Emirates ID with you (if that’s required), along with photographs of your family and applications for Emirates ID from each member of your family. If this is your first time applying for an Emirates ID, you will be required to enter your biometric information.

As part of the requirements for your visa, you will need to purchase health insurance. Research the many health insurance providers in Dubai to identify the one that best meets your requirements and preferences.

Visit any of the Amer centres spread out across Dubai in order to change the status of your visa so that it becomes an investor residency visa. Centers for Amer are located at Al Jafiliya, Al Twar, Dubai Festival City, and Al Quoz respectively.

Costs related to Dubai investors’ visas

The following is a list of the costs associated with applying for a Dubai investor visa through an Amer center:

Authorization to enter:

Individuals living in the UAE must pay AED 1,175 while those living outside of the UAE must pay AED 525.

Adjustment of one’s standing:

AED 675 (not required for persons entering from outside the UAE) (not required for individuals entering from outside the UAE).

Visa stamping:

Approximately 870 UAE Dirhams

Emirates ID:

AED 405

Medical examinations:

AED 322.5

It is important to take note that the immigration establishment card, which is required in order to obtain a Dubai investor visa, comes with additional fees.

In addition, the costs that were discussed earlier are the ones that are levied by the GDRFA. The fees associated with obtaining a trading license from the Dubai Economic Department are not included in these prices.

You can also submit your application for an investment visa through the online E-government Directorate of Naturalisation and Residency Department (eDNRD) portal. This is the same platform that Dubai-based businesses and organizations use to apply for visas for their employees and visitors.