Where to find cheap houses in Dubai

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Are you interested in Buying cheap house in Dubai? It’s possible that now would be the best moment to make the move. It has been fascinating to watch how quickly Dubai’s real estate market has recovered since the outbreak.

Because to the policies of the government, an increasing number of regional as well as global investors are considering making an investment.

According to the majority of people who work in this area, costs will almost certainly go up significantly in the relatively near future. As a result, right now is a terrific moment to get started on your hunt for the ideal piece of real estate.

Where can you buy a cheap houses in Dubai?

Villas, townhouses, and flats can all be found in the mixed communities that are found throughout Dubai. On the other side, there are some regions that are comprised of only a single category of property. Let’s take a look at some of the best areas in Dubai to buy affordable townhouses.

Here is a list of the most affordable townhouses in Dubai, in case you want to buy one:


Where to find cheap houses in SERENA Dubai
Townhouses in SERENA, Dubai

When it comes to purchasing townhouses in Dubai, Serena is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable neighborhoods. The flagship property, which was developed by Dubai Properties, features community housing that is reasonably priced. The neighborhood is further subdivided into three smaller neighborhoods, which are known as Casa Dora, Casa Viva, and Bella Casa respectively.

Due to the fact that Serena is a relatively new development, the homes there reflect contemporary tastes in architecture and interior design. Its location in a strategic point also contributes significantly to its widespread fame. Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, and Sustainable City are all within a short distance of the residents of Sustainable City.

Townhouses in Serena Dubai are an excellent choice for buyers who want to have a quiet lifestyle while still being located in close proximity to the action of the city.

Townhouses in Serena with two bedrooms typically sell for close to 1.5 million UAE Dirhams (AED).

A townhouse in Serena Dubai with three bedrooms will cost prospective buyers approximately AED 1.9 million.

Townhouses in Serena with four bedrooms will cost an average of 2.3 million AED.

The current ROI figure is 5.87%.


Where to find cheap houses in TOWN SQUARE Dubai
Townhouses in TOWN SQUARE, DUBAI

Nshama Group is in the process of developing a new residential community called Town Square. An abundance of retail establishments, in addition to advantages such as enough parking area, plenty of green areas, and a lifestyle that is family-friendly, make it an appealing choice for investors. There are townhouses with 2, 3, and even 4 bedrooms up for sale in Town Square, and they are dispersed among a number of different subcommunities.

Residents of Town Square have the opportunity to keep up an active lifestyle as a result of the existence of parks and shaded walks in the neighborhood. Recreational opportunities are available for people of all ages throughout the neighborhood.

The documented average sales price for townhouses with three bedrooms and three bathrooms in Town Square is 1.7 million AED on average.

You can purchase a townhouse in Town Square with four bedrooms for 2.1 million AED.

The return on investment (ROI) for townhouses in the region is now at 6.32 percent.


Where to find cheap houses in DAMAC HILLS 2 Dubai
Townhouses in DAMAC HILLS 2, Dubai

DAMAC Hills 2, which was once known as Akoya Oxygen, is currently considered to be one of the best places in Dubai to purchase a home at a reasonable price. Many people believe that it is one of the best golf communities in all of Dubai.

DAMAC Hills 2 is a community that is mindful of the environment and self-sufficient. In point of fact, it was the very first environmentally conscious neighborhood in the emirate. Because it is accessible to four different highways, getting around the rest of the emirate is not a problem for residents of this location. As a result, its widespread use should not come as a shock.

One million UAE Dirhams is the amount that is often paid for a townhouse in DAMAC Hills 2 that has two bedrooms.

The price jumps to AED 1.1 million for larger townhouses with three bedrooms and AED 1.5 million for those with four bedrooms.

The rate of return on investment for townhouses in the area is 5.55%.