Almas Tower JLT Review

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Almas Tower JLT is one of the amazing property projects in Jumeirah Lake Towers, which is an emerging free zone in which a number of corporate companies related to the commodities market are now operating within such iconic building in JLT. These companies include the Dubai Diamond Exchange, Dubai Gems Club, Dubai Pearl Exchange, and the Kimberly Process Certification.

Almas Tower in JLT

In just a few short months, it has also risen to the position of having the city’s tallest tower holder. In addition to the tens of thousands of parking spaces and the thirty-five high-speed elevators.

Almas Tower JLT, also referred to as Diamond Tower, is a super-tall skyscraper that can be found on its own island and serves as an undeniable focal point for the Jumeirah Lake Towers complex (JLT).

The name of the building, which translates to ‘diamond’ in Arabic, as well as the striking architecture of the building itself, which is shaped like a diamond, are both influenced by the reason it was built, which was to promote Dubai as one of the top five diamond trading destinations in the world.

As a direct result of the prosperous completion of the Almas Tower, Dubai has risen to the position of third-best trading hub in the world for diamonds. The commercial high-rise in Dubai serves as the gemstone industry’s nerve centre and is home to a number of businesses, including the Dubai Diamond Exchange, the Dubai Pearl Exchange, and the Dubai Gems Club.

In addition, the corporate headquarters of the building’s developer are located in Almas Tower, as is the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, a global commodities trading free zone that has won multiple awards (DMCC).

The kite-like facets of a brilliant-cut diamond served as inspiration for the design of the podium at Almas Tower, which spans three stories and is sculpted into a total of eight interlocking triangles. The podium serves as the support for the rise of two elliptical towers that elegantly converge around the central core. The construction of the skyscraper began in 2005 and was finished in 2008; it has a total height of 1,180 feet and a maximum height of 68 floors above ground (360 metres).

In addition, there are a total of five basement levels and more than 1.7 million square feet of floor space throughout the building. Although DMCC is the company that is responsible for the construction of Almas Tower, the impressive high-rise project was designed by Atkins.

Almas Tower JLT Location

Almas Tower is in JLT, also known as Al Thanyah Fifth, which is part of Jumeirah Lake Towers. It is close to the main roads in Dubai, which makes it easy for people to get to and from the most important places in the city.

Almas Tower’s Accommodations

Almas Tower, JLT is a building that was made with a specific purpose in mind. It has all the necessary and winning facilities. It is an A-level business centre with reserved parking, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, and a high-end lobby that is very impressive. The restaurants and cafes on the ground floor have great views of the lakes from both inside and outside.


At total, there are 1 700 parking spots available for use in the DMCC building known as Almas Tower. However, the number of parking spots that are made available for each office unit may differ from one transaction to another and from one type of property to another. In addition, there is plenty of parking available for guests.


The development of suitable technology for vertical transportation is one of the most important parts of the architectural design of this skyscraper that stands 1,181 feet tall. There are 35 elevators in Almas Tower, all of which are equipped with multi-speed motors due to the fact that it is a very tall building. This enables the transportation of a huge number of individuals at a given moment in a manner that is both effective and comfortable.

Security and concierge services

Almas Tower at Jumeirah Lake Towers is managed by an integrated facilities management business called Concordia, which is responsible for the building’s upkeep and security.

Fitness amenities

The Fidelity Fitness Club is a high-end gym located in Almas Tower in the JLT Cluster. It provides members with access to a variety of cutting-edge pieces of exercise equipment as well as various fitness classes. Members of a fitness facility have the choice to participate in either personal training or group exercise classes within the facility.

Properties in Almas Tower JLT

Because it is a commercial building, the majority of the properties in Almas Tower are office apartments, and these units are rented out to local and international companies who are involved in the commodity trade. The retail areas, restaurants, and cafes are all located on the ground floor, whereas office space occupies the other floors of the building. The following categories of offices are available to rent:

  • “shell and core” office space
  • offices that are just partially furnished
  • Completely outfitted workplaces

Shell-and-core offices are an option that are available in Almas Tower and are excellent for clients who want to start from scratch when furnishing their office space. Because of this, these kinds of units are almost always offered for sale in their raw state, which means without the floor and ceiling work. The floor tiles and ceiling design in an office space are completely up to the discretion of the building’s owners. Tiled flooring, a false ceiling, and air conditioning vents are some of the fittings and fixtures that come standard in an office that has only been partially equipped. This type of workplace also contains basic infrastructure. A completely furnished office has interiors that are outfitted with dividers, filing cabinets, luxury furniture, and fittings of a high grade.

Almas Tower Offices

Office space in Almas Tower, a commercial structure that is well regarded and among the most in-demand options, can be rented or purchased. Office space that is available can be difficult to come by in the tower due to the high occupancy rate that it maintains. Each individual unit in the office space can be anything from 800 to 3,000 square feet in size, making the entire office space around 1,300,000 square feet in size.

Shell-and-core office space in Almas Tower rents for anything between AED 156 thousand and AED 433 thousand per year. A space that is up to 3,068 square feet in size can be hired for a total of AED 368k. The monthly rates for completely furnished offices start at 170,000 AED and can reach as high as 6504,000 AED.

Shell-and-core office space in Almas Tower can be purchased for as little as 5.79 million UAE Dirhams and as much as 10.9 million UAE Dirhams. A smaller unit with an area of around 3,068 square feet may be purchased for AED 5.79 million, while a larger unit with an area of approximately 5,000 square feet is valued at AED 10.9 million. Customers can locate fully furnished office space at pricing beginning at 1.6 million UAE Dirhams.

Almas Tower Shops

The retail shops, restaurants, and cafes of Almas Tower are all located on the ground floor of the building.


Tram stations near almas tower JLT

The Dubai Marina Mall Tram Station may be reached during a quick 8-minute car ride. Another alternative in the neighbourhood is the Jumeirah Residence 1 Tram Station, which can be reached by car in a little over a dozen minutes.

Bus stops near almas tower JLT

The JLT, Silver Tower terminal is the closest bus station, and it’s where the JLT2 bus route stops. It is situated within a walking distance of the tower that takes no more than four minutes. A further choice is the JLT, Dubai Star Tower Bus stop, which is situated a mere 9 minutes away from the structure.

Metro stations near almas tower JLT

The DMCC Metro Station, which is one of the busiest metro stations in the city, is the one that is located the closest to Almas Tower. It can be reached on foot in less than a minute and a half.

Buildings located nearby

JLT Cluster B, C, and G are all situated in close proximity to Almas Tower. The tower is surrounded by a large number of buildings, including the following:

  • Lakeside Residence – Residential Building
  • Preatoni Tower
  • Commercial Building at JLT Known as “The Dome”
  • Dubai Arch Tower

Every one of these structures can be reached from the Almas Tower in less than five minutes. The majority of these towers have a variety of amenities and provide stunning views of the man-made lakes that are located in the surrounding area.

Cluster A is where Lakeside Residence can be found, Cluster L is where Preatoni Tower can be found, and Cluster G is where Dubai Arch Tower can be found in JLT.