Most Affordable Gated Communities in Dubai & Why to live There

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Due to the multiple benefits that Gated Communities in Dubai provide, they have recently emerged as the most popular type of home development, thereby starting a trend that is worldwide in scope.

Dubai was one of the first countries in the world to successfully promote this sort of residential complex as seeing them first and foremost as a fantastic real estate business prospect. In point of fact, these very desirable gated communities offer a multitude of advantages.

They improve the health and happiness of the whole family by providing superior amenities that are easy to reach and located within a protected environment that is off-limits to outsiders.

The advantages of a gated community, whether for personal use or as an investment, extend beyond the advantages of the quiet atmosphere to include the long-term advantages of such an alternative. These advantages can be realised whether the community is used for personal use or as an investment.

To help you determine the affordability of a property in a gated community, you can use a Dubai Residence Affordability Calculator tool. This tool can help you estimate the monthly mortgage payments based on factors such as the property’s purchase price, loan amount, and interest rate. You may want to check out this Dubai Residence Affordability Calculator tool to get started.

Over the course of the past ten years, Gated Communities in Dubai have seen an increase in popularity. This is mostly attributable to the fact that these developments offer inhabitants a sense of exclusivity, amongst other advantages. By using tools like the Dubai Residence Affordability Calculator and consulting with a knowledgeable real estate agent, you can make informed decisions and invest in a gated community that suits your lifestyle and budget.

privacy is important

Why to Live in a Affordable Gated Communities in Dubai

Enhanced Privacy

Privacy is the second reason that individuals choose to live in a neighbourhood that is enclosed by gates. Because of the stringent security measures, it is impossible for trespassers to enter the neighbourhood. In addition, residents have the ability to restrict the number of guests.

The occupants’ sense of safety and privacy is considerably enhanced by the presence of a gated complex, which restricts entry to only those guests who have been pre-approved.

High security

It has become a personal paradise for a good number of individuals to live in a gated community since they are able to realise their ideal of living in a calm setting, surrounded by natural environments, but not too far from the bustling metropolis either.

Families with children and the elderly often choose to purchase an apartment or villa in a gated community because of the high level of security provided by such residential complexes.

This high level of security includes strictly controlled entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, cars, or visitors, as well as the use of high-tech cameras and a security team that is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Residents, particularly those who have children, are made to feel more secure by the presence of stylish fences or walls that prevent trespassers from entering the complex.

Higher Property Values

Real estate has historically been and will continue to be a lucrative investment option across the globe. It goes without saying that the value of real estate in Dubai is on an upward trajectory, and one of the most important perks is the ability to invest in property.

The majority of gated communities in Dubai are constructed on the outskirts of the city in premium locations that are highly appreciated by high-end property buyers. This makes gated communities an unquestionably sensible investment option. In addition, they have a great construction quality and offer outstanding maintenance support year after year.

In addition, the fact that many of the homes in the community are maintained means that the overall cost of maintenance will be lower than it would be for a residence that is located outside of the complex. It is common knowledge that homes in gated communities command a higher price due to the increased level of security and the sense of exclusivity they provide.

However, one can secure a decent return on their investment when selling or renting out the home by purchasing a residence in a gated community. This is possible due to the property’s premium location as well as its facilities, particularly if the property was purchased from a respected developer.

A Sense Of Community

People typically desire to socialise with neighbours who have a similar social status when they decide to live in a gated community. This gives residents with a rewarding sense of exclusivity, as well as superior amenities that are available within a safe, confined setting.

In gated communities, the social life may be rather vibrant since homeowners celebrate every event and party with gusto. This encourages residents to get to know their neighbours better and encourages interaction between inhabitants of different households. In addition, because every street is safe, children are able to play outside, run around unrestrictedly, meet new people, and take full advantage of the formative years of their lives.


When we talk about lifestyles, we should mention that gated communities frequently have state-of-the-art amenities and facilities that encourage active lifestyles. As a result, if you choose to live in one of these communities, it is quite probable that you will have access to a cutting-edge fitness centre, an abundance of sports courts and fields, a variety of clubs, pools, and other amenities.

A good number of gated communities in Dubai either include a golf course within the community’s gates or offer convenient access to golf courses located outside the community’s gates.

The majority of these fitness centres offer a wide variety of classes and lessons on a regular basis, giving you the opportunity to improve your game, maintain your health and fitness, acquire new skills, or do all of the above!

Gated Communities in Dubai Under 60,000 AED

Akoya Oxygen Gated Community in Dubai
Akoya Oxygen Gated Community in Dubai

Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen by DAMAC Properties is the first place to live in Dubai that is “truly green.” and one of the most affordable gated communities in Dubai. Landscaped gardens, water fountains, and community parks can be found all over the master-planned community. Akoya Oxygen could be the right choice for you if you care about how your home affects the environment.

Akoya Oxygen Gated Community in Dubai
Akoya Oxygen Gated Community in Dubai

This DAMAC community will have 1,200 apartments and almost 10,000 villas, so you’re sure to find a place that fits your needs. You can also look at the 2D and 3D floor plans for Akoya Oxygen to see how the rooms are set up. Four major highways link the area to the rest of the country. The family-friendly neighbourhood is also close to urban amenities like a grocery store, gym, parks, and restaurants. It is one of the best places to look for homes in gated communities.

Average Rental Prices

59,900 AEDAED 78,000AED 81,000120,000 AED

Average Sale Prices

949,000 – 1,100,000729,999 – 2,500,000799,000 – 2,700,000 1,100,000 – 5,900,000

Gated Communities in Dubai Under 150,000 AED

Where to find cheap houses in DAMAC HILLS 2 Dubai
DAMAC Hills 2 (Akoya by DAMAC)

DAMAC Hills 2 (Akoya by DAMAC)

DAMAC Hills is one of the best places, where to find cheap House in Dubai because of how lively it is. The shared facilities make it a great place to live for expats who want to meet new people. And because there are schools there, you never have to deal with traffic in the morning. Architecture in cities shows a high-end, modern way of thinking. And special sports areas like badminton courts, basketball courts, and skate parks will keep the kids busy for hours while you relax at the spa or pool.

The DAMAC Hills properties are far from the city centre, so they have the best peace and quiet. And security that never stops means you can relax as soon as you get home.

Average Rental Prices

AED 128,000AED 140,000N/AAED 249,000

Average Sale Prices

2,500,000 – 2,299,0001,520,000 – 5,000,0001,689,998 – 10,000,000 2,500,000 – 13,500,000

Arabian Ranches gated community in Dubai
Arabian Ranches gated community in Dubai

Arabian Ranches

Residents of Dubai who are looking for gated communities have the option of choosing Arabian Ranches as one of the most popular choice. Over 4,000 villas and townhouses, in addition to first-rate recreational and educational facilities, are part of Emaar Properties’ luxurious real estate development. In point of fact, it is frequently ranked as one of the most desirable villa communities in all of Dubai.

All of the villas at Arabian Ranches have been created to cater to the likes and preferences of modern people and reflect a blend of architectural styles from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Tenants have their choice of 15 distinct sub-communities inside Arabian Ranches; therefore, it is important to examine the available floor plans in order to become familiar with the many different apartment configurations that are on offer.

The 3-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches that are currently available for rent can be had for a monthly rent payment of AED 143 thousand. It costs approximately AED 309k to rent a 5-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches, which is significantly more than the average price of a 4-bedroom home in the community, which is AED 259k.

Due to the fact that Arabian Ranches is on our list of the finest residential neighbourhoods in Dubai for families with school-aged children, it is no surprise that parents who have school-aged children frequently opt to live in this community.

Average Rental Prices

AED 120,000AED 143,000AED 259,000AED 309,000

Average Sale Prices

1,500,000 AEDAED 3,100,000AED 4,300,000AED 5,600,000

The Springs

The Springs Gated Communities in Dubai & Why to live There

The Springs is a peaceful community that welcomes families and is situated just off Sheikh Zayed Road. Residents here enjoy the advantages of living in a community that is enclosed by gates. The cosy homes in The Springs are encircled by rich green landscapes, stunning lakes, and contemporary conveniences like basketball courts, football fields, swimming pools, and playgrounds.

The Springs is an excellent location for raising a family because of its close access to a variety of amenities, including schools, neighbourhood malls, and points of interest.

The majority of the villas available for rent in The Springs feature huge living areas, rear gardens, and even private swimming pools in certain cases.

The Springs has an average rental price of AED 146k for villas with three bedrooms. Families wishing to rent a villa in Dubai need go no further than The Springs for their accommodations.

Average Rental Prices

94,999 AED146,000 AED165,000 AED250,000

Average Sale Prices

1,525,000 AED2,299,999 AED2,900,000 AED12,800,000 AED